DEVGRU Networks


Our vision

At DEVGRU Networks, our vision goes beyond being a leading provider of IT consulting services. Our team provides customized solutions based on the individual needs of our customers, tailored to fit every timeline and budget.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives:

As a leader in the IT industry, we recognize the importance of embracing diversity in all its forms. We actively promote diversity throughout our organization by ensuring fair and unbiased hiring practices that focus on merit, skills, and potential. Our commitment to equal opportunities extends beyond the hiring process, as we encourage ongoing learning, development, and growth for all team members.

Let’s talk:

We invite talented professionals from diverse backgrounds to join our team and be part of our journey toward building a more inclusive and equitable workplace. Together, we can embrace the power of diversity and create a positive impact on our clients, our industry, and the communities we serve. Join us at DEVGRU Networks, where your ideas, experiences, and expertise are valued and celebrated. Let’s shape the future of IT consulting together.


We believe that diverse teams bring fresh ideas and insights, making us more adaptable and responsive to the diverse needs of our clients. By fostering an inclusive culture that values the unique contributions of each employee, we can deliver innovative solutions that cater to the ever-changing business landscape.

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Mike’s story

Mike is offering customers an extraordinary experience with DEVGRU Networks. Over the years, he worked at more than fifty companies that spanned a wide range of industries from consulting to banking, healthcare, retail, and tech. Each experience enriched his knowledge and deepened his expertise, through which he gained extensive insights into various networking vendors and technologies.


Mike began his career as a Network Engineer, where his passion for networking flourished.  He welcomed each challenge he encountered. He developed his skills to become a Network Architect, then a Manager, and then a Director. As a result, he is well versed in the daily details of enterprise networks as well as the strategic, and sometimes difficult, choices facing executive teams. As he ascended the ranks, he couldn’t help but notice the gaps in value that traditional Value-Added Resellers (VARs) provided.


Mike’s vision is to dig in with his customers to help them design their projects for what they need right now and where the customer’s business will be in two, five, or even ten years. This doesn’t mean giving all his customers the same “off the shelf” template and a checklist of products. This means enabling the customer’s entire development team to plan, execute, and maintain their projects and to anticipate the needs of their internal stakeholders so that the team, in turn, provides additional long-term value to the company.


To carry out this vision, Mike assembled a hand-picked team of diverse, passionate, professionals so that DEVGRU Networks can deliver comprehensive, tailor-made professional services, turning clients’ networking challenges into success stories. Each person on the team is committed to truly understanding our clients’ business goals and pain points and has the skills to craft customized solutions that deliver tangible results.


Mike also chose to partner exclusively with Juniper Networks because Juniper’s innovative networking products and cutting-edge Mist AI technology complete the product line-up for Mike’s vision of providing unmatched solutions to DEVGRU clients.


The approach Mike brings to DEVGRU Networks is different. It is based on experience. We are not just completing projects. We are building partnerships that customers can rely on.

Mike Coker - CEO DEVGRU Networks